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           Neal is a registered and certified guitar teacher with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. The Suzuki method is a teaching philosophy that aims to create an environment for children in early childhood to begin a life long journey in music. Over 75 years ago Shinichi Suzuki observed that the process of language learning in early childhood has a 100% success rate. The Suzuki method hinges on the fact that children are able to master their native language through its environmental surroundings alone. Suzuki teachers believe that by fostering a positive learning environment, and applying simple language learning principles to the subject of music, all children can succeed in learning the language of music. Suzuki calls this concept The Mother Tongue Approach. This method is much different from the traditional approach to music education, and parents play a vital role in the process. The mother or father will attend lessons and work at home practicing with their child. Suzuki believed it was through music that we could develop children's character, and eventually change the world. His approach seeks to develop the whole child, and not solely the child’s musical sense. The Suzuki method unfolds children's natural potential to learn, and develops sensitivity, creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, and appreciation of beauty.​

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