To whom it may concern,


I am writing to tell you about a project I am starting called Unknown Early Music. Unknown Early Music is an online platform that focuses on lesser known players of early plucked instruments. While in our community we know a lot about the “best” players in the world, it seems we know very little about some incredibly talented artists that make up most of our music community. While I subscribe to and have nothing but respect for current early music publications, I envision something quite different with Unknown Early Music. As the global early music scene continues to grow, via players, luthiers, etc., my goal is to take a look at this global early music scene and to investigate lesser known corners of our community, culture, and art form via Digital publication (like a zine for early plucked instruments). I am curious to know what you think. Is Unknown Early Music something you would consider reading? Would you like to be interviewed, or featured in Unknown Early Music? Is this concept even possible? Am I crazy? Let me know what you think.


-Unknown Early Music