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We all must rain now.

Updated: May 15, 2020

The lute manuscripts of 17th century Scotland house the thumbprints of the earliest Scottish melodies known to exist. With over 500 pieces written out in legible lute tablature these precious lute books open a window to another world, and a look at an instrument which now seems nearly forgotten. In 2014 I began an in-depth study of the lute and its music, specifically Scottish lute music. Although my journey is still young I have brought myself to what I feel are very intimate and spiritual levels with the music. It has now, more than ever, become an important purpose in my lifetime to re-purpose, and share this music with the world. We All Must Rain Now is my first solo EP featuring music of the Balcarres Lute Book, arranged for the seldom heard 6-course soprano lute. The Balcarres Lute Book (c1700) may be the most important of all 17th century Scottish musical manuscript. Written for the 11 course baroque lute the Balcarres lute Book houses 252 pieces. It’s contents contain popular 17th century Scottish tunes, some common to the Weymms, Rowallan, and Straloch lute books, a large selection of arrangements of violin music, and a small selection French Baroque lute music. We All Must Rain Now is a reflective work commenting on the need for change in the United States government, and the materialistic tendencies of American culture.

Peace, love, and music - Neal.

Please visit the "Audio" page of my website for a free download.


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