My musical interest began in 2008, shortly after attending a performance given by the Assad Brothers, Sergio and Odair Assad. It was then that I began studying classical guitar under the guidance of Alan Johnston, founder of The Minneapolis Guitar Quartet. During my first lesson in Alan’s studio he revealed to me the intimacy and emotional depth the classical guitar had to offer, and I was hooked. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, under the instruction of Joseph Pecoraro. During my time there I was the recipient of the Bill and Judy Watson Scholarship for Music, and the Aaron Shearer Scholarship for Guitar. My masterclass performances include artists such as William Kanengieser, Duo Sudamericano, Zane Forshee, Michael Kudirka, and Gerald Klickstien.

In 2016 I began studying the Renaissance Lute, more specifically the lute repertoire of 17th century Scotland. Recent projects include my 2016 recording It Is a Wonder to See, a contemporary “new age” take on 17th century Scottish Lute music. This work, in collaboration with guitarist and percussionist Ryan Worthley, was a long track feature on 89.3 KCUR’s Night Tides program. In 2017 I began a collaboration with Nilufar Movadi, host of the Global Roots Radio program on KKFI 90.1 Kansas City Community Radio. Together we broadcast a four-part concert series on the topic 17th Century Scottish Lute manuscripts. In 2018, I released my first solo EP We All Must Rain Now. The work features music from the Balcarres Lute Book, arranged for the seldom heard soprano lute. In 2019, I released Still Raining, a meditative work featuring guitar arrangements of Baroque Scottish Lute music. Both works have since aired on Global Roots Radio presented by KKFI 90.1, Kansas City Community Radio. In the future I plan to continue my work in preserving ancient Scottish melodies through the medium of arranging, recording, and performance.